The London Full Gospel Church (LFGC) fully embraces the biblical instruction  that all Christians should experience small group fellowship as well as the Church corporate public fellowship. Therefore the LFGC has a structured cell group system based upon men’s, women’s & mixed groups across days, evenings and weekends. All in our congregation are encouraged to join a cell group that suits their life situation.


Over the last eight years our church has experienced some wonderful men cell group sessions each week. Over time some of our brothers in Christ have left as God has called them to other areas in the world but their contribution to our cell meetings live in our hearts and with social media we keep in touch with many of them.

Today, we continue with our cell meetings with a devoted group of men who each week have fantastic Christian fellowship where we laugh together, cry together when a brother is experiencing difficult times and share incredible stories, experiences and testimonies regarding our lives with Christ. One important member of our group is the Holy Spirit who, if not present, would not give our fellowship the really meaningful purpose of why we meet each week to honour the Lord, give encouragement to one another, support and pray for each other and love each other in Christ.


The vision of our women's group centres on relationships between women, whether it be mother, daughter, sister or friend. Together we learn who we are in Christ connecting with each other once a week, inspiring and equipping one another on how to deal with everyday situations and problems and the call to witness to others the ‘Good News' of Jesus Christ.


Led by the desire to know Christ and bring glory to the Father through everything we do,
together we are growing to face our generation’s everyday life challenges empowered by the Word and the Spirit of God.
*It involves occasionally social events, outreach and mission trip.


A church that is devoted to the discipleship of teenagers, using Bible teachings and Holy Spirit lead worship as the core to their Christian development. There is a commitmetn to preparing them for their future as young adults, in a world filled with numerous challenges.


The mission of our Sunday School is to nurture children into a loving, serving relationship with Jesus.
Each weekend, our children gets a chance to learn about God and His plan for their life through age-specific classes.
These classes are designed to engage them and teach them from the Bible in fun ways. 


Our Nursery is a place where children learn Bible stories, worship songs and to be good children of God. It provides age-appropriate Bible lessons and fun activities that they can enjoy. Our Nursery is led by skilled teachers who have experience looking after children. We are passionate about teaching little children, about God and to be familiar with many Bible stories which can make good Christians. We welcome children age from 0 to 5 yrs old. If you would like to find out more about our Nursery, please speak to one of our teachers.



28-30 West Barnes Lane, London SW20 0BP

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